Review of India Food Tour – Private Tour


““Organized tour – Golden Triangle & Hill Stations”
Having only two weeks to see everything, I did a lot of research about the best way to maximize time. After writing back and forth with Jaidev from India Food Tour, my husband and I decided to book with them. They were very accommodating and we were able to create our own travel plan; I just told Jaidev where we wanted to go and he gave me the options available. We did Delhi on our own, but then India Food Tour organized everything else for us. We had a private driver, Rishi, who drove us everywhere — from Delhi to Agra, Agra to Jaipur, Jaipur back to Delhi, and then while we flew to Dharamshala, he drove up and met us there. He then drove us from Dharamshala to Shimla, and Shimla back to Delhi. Rishi did a fantastic job of driving and is probably the most competent driver I’ve ever met, especially dealing with traffic in India! The hotels the India Food Tour booked for us were decent. Many of our meals were included in the price of the tour, so we ate at the hotels. We were unsure at first if this was a good idea, but because we were in India in May, we didn’t really want to hunt for a restaurant at the end of the day anyway. Our hotel in Shimla was a bit far out, but considering we booked very last minute, we were glad just to have gotten a room.

India Food Tour also helped take care of many of the activities and sightseeing we did. We barely needed a guidebook since everything was taken care ahead of time. One thing I would improve here is having a better itinerary plan. When we first arrived in Jaipur, we were a bit behind schedule. My husband and I decided to eat lunch because we thought we had time, but then we didn’t realize that what had been planned (the Monkey Palace) closed rather early, so there wasn’t enough time to see it. If we had had a clear idea of what we were doing beforehand, we would’ve skipped lunch and grabbed something small. What I also appreciated from India Food Tour is that Rajeev, met with us before we left Delhi and gave me a SIM card. This was very convenient so that if I had problems, I could call him directly. This was particularly helpful in Dharamshala when the hotel wanted to charge us for dinner, but we had been told it would be included. Having Rajeev talk to the hotel made everything work much better. Additionally, we were able to call Rishi whenever to let him know if we wanted to go somewhere or not. I highly recommend India Food Tour and it’s a shame that we didn’t get to actually do the food tour in Delhi. (At 46ºC, we were barely eating anything!)”
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from India Food Yoga


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